The contents of profiles

Family profile and child profile are names of two different profiles. These profiles are not obligatory to use.

The content of child profile is so comprehensive that parents can also use child profile for their daily use.

Child profile: This profile is created by a commission which consists of academicians’ expert on pedagogy, sociology and psychology.

With child profile you can connect to different types of websites like education, homework, banking applications, shopping, music, gaming, fun, news, e-mail, official and public sites, vacation, and private companies.

Family Profile:This profile blocks websites in gaming, drug, prostitution, obscenity, violence, terror, fraud, harmful software categories. In addition to child profile it gives access to forums, social networking sites and individual sites. 

In family profile users can make individual choices whether to have access separately to social networking sites, chat sites, and online gaming sites or they can block them all.

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